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I craft creative content for brands that are brave, progressive and ambitious. I help them to reach their target audience through social media strategy and social media management.

I’m Lauren, a creative brand content designer, social strategist and creative. My role; designing creative content for brands that are brave, progressive and ambitious.

Why do you need me?
Every brand needs to be active across social platforms, with great content. Great content has to be organic, targeted and original. The roles of brands in a consumers life are forever changing; they can influence our purchasing, beliefs and activities more than ever. The more progressive brands are capturing as much consumer data as possible and creating strategic pathways to target their audience with creative, targeted content.

my services

Creative Content & Photography
Instagram Content
Social Content
Creative Consulting

Content planning
Social Strategy
Social Marketing
Social Consulting

Social Media Management
Analytics & Reporting
Channel set up & Branding
Virtual Assistant

With a potential audience of 2 billion people world wide, social media can help you to drive more sales, increase band awareness and engage with customers and potential customers.

Social media contributes to some of the heaviest traffic online. It’s your platform to share your brands voice, keep relevant, be approachable and present. You get to target specific audiences, put yourself in-front of your dream client/customer and build a relationship, strengthening your brands ethos and values.

These social interactions, promotions and growth should be designed to funnel clients/customers to your website. This isn’t alway essential however, with channels such as facebook and Instagram offering shoppable posts, and integrated stores.

Social media allows you to tastefully share positive feedback, customer reviews and testimonials. Even better, your an share user generated content, promoting your brand with authenticity. You can build your reputation, create an authority in your niche and brand yourself as THE go to in your industry, by growing genuine rapor and offering value in the shape of inspiration, education or entertainment.

Using social media analytics you can gain a greater understanding of your customers and their behaviours. From that you’re able to develop your content and outreach, tailoring to themes which resonate with your audience/customers.

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