Would you like a free objective analysis of your current online presence?

Growth & progression of your business or brand is your passion; it’s your daily grind. It can be challenging to assess opportunities or need for improvement. Sometimes we need a fresh set of eyes to identify our best features and flaws.

I want to help you to evaluate the strength of your current social media content and social strategy. I’ll check how your brand compares to others within your niche and your engagement with your target audience.

 I’ll analyse the overall aesthetic, checking for a smooth visual experience and brand consistency. The goal being, to expand your reach and audience, develop brand awareness and ranking higher on social media algorithms. 

If that sounds like something which you would be interested in, please contact me. I’ll assess your online presence,  and send you a report, highlighting your current assets and suggest a couple of areas for potential improvement, for an engaging and seamless experience. 

Better yet, we can meet up to discuss my findings, action plan and together see how my services can elevate your business.

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