Monthly habits of a great social media account

Great social media channels often look effortless. Whether they be personal or business accounts, they usually showcase a idealised image. 

An effortless, put together image, depicting a curated lifestyle of beautiful things, stunning locations and flawless homes, office spaces, wardrobes, family, careers and an abundance of wealth or success is a tall order.

You really could spend your full week managing your social channels. In fact, you could spend a week, just managing one Instagram account. Keeping up with the Joneses online is a full-time habit, one which could quickly spiral into an unhealthy or unproductive habit, and steer you away from what’s important to you; your family, your wellbeing and your business/brand.

Being strict with your time so that you can actually run your business, balanced carefully with investing enough time to add value to your Instagram feed and community is a challenge.

Here is my process or habits which I’m suggesting to grow a steady yet genuine social media presence. One which will add value to the world, not noise. One which will remain focused and true to your brand and speak to your audience and niche, driving engagement. These habits are written with Instagram in mind, however many of these daily and monthly habits apply to facebook, youtube and twitter too.

Content – research, plan and schedule.
If possible, plan 1 month at a time, in advance. Dedicate one day to set up your next month. Once you’re done, you won’t have to worry about it for another month.

Research whats current and relevant to your audience, what’s relevant to your business this month and what your competitors are doing. Once planned – batch shoot. This will save you time and should help you to achieve a consistent aesthetic.
Where possible, including UGC (user-generated content) Its seen as being more authentic and trustworthy, adding value to your brand. So check out if you’re brand/product has been tagged, and share it if it is of high quality. Show proper Instagram etiquette though, and give recognition.
Try to avoid stock photos. They’ll stand out in your feed and don’t often add a great deal of value to your brand unless paired with a very appealing caption. Your audience is smart and can smell a stock photo a mile off.
Batch write your captions too and plan your hashtags. Sometimes you feel the need to post, spur of the moment, something relevant and time-sensitive happens, and you want to post it – fab, so you should. Save what you had planned for another time, roll it into next month. Next time you have a dry spell and can’t think what to write or post, you’ll have one saved. These “spare” posts come in handy if you’re snowed under with work or have gone on holiday too.
Finally – schedule.
There are so many apps which you can use for free on a trial basis or on a lite package. These allow you to plan and schedule your posts, captions and tags in advance. Some will even post for you automatically if set up. Later app is excellent for this and is free on their basic package for 1 account up to 30 posts per month.

Research Niche
What else is going on? What trends are growing within your niche? What is your audience engaging with? What cross overs might you be able to make, to grow your audience into a new niche?

Research timing
Which posts were best reviewed last month? When did you post? Are you posting consistently? Check your insights on your native social media app. It will show you when your audience engages with your posts most frequently, so that you can build a schedule around your best days and times.

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