Are You Summer Social Ready?

The kids are almost home for the summer! Are you ready?

Lots of the ladies who followe my Instagram are mumtrepreneurs, myself included.

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Planning and being organised, balancing #mumlife and running a busy business is HARD!!!

Keeping up with your content creation and activity on social media while the kids are home could become overwhelming.

Have you planned ahead?  How do you get ahead of the game? As updates come in through my Instagram…I’ll update this list. Just for starters then, lets go!

Here are my tips:

1- batch your content. 

This tip is by no means original, but it could save your hours. Take a little time one evening and plan out your next dozen photos. Be smart about it, though. Can you minimise the time by using the same backgrounds? Change out a couple of props. Use the same product, but shoot it in different locations? Shoot yourself, but change your top a few times, move rooms, go outdoors, change your accessories. It’s seriously easy to shoot a months worth of content when you’ve planned in advance. Get creative and have fun with it. You might even be able to get the kids involved!

2- it doesn’t need to be every day!
Ever wondered why you’re still posting every day? Would it really do you any harm to post 3 times a week, but be able to post higher quality content or more engaging captions. Remember quality over quantity.

3- keep a presence by quickly posting to your story. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Let your audience in, let them get to know the face behind the brand, share some authenticity.

4- take a break!
If you’re worried about losing your followers because you’ve taken a week off from social media while you enjoy some quality time with your family…they weren’t the right kind of followers for you anyway!
You can post that you’re taking a week off. Use the question sticker in your stories to see if anybody has any burning questions that need answering before you go…then go!

5- repost
Do you have posts that are appropriate to post again? Scroll back a couple of months…see what your audience loved and commented on last time, and repurpose it! You don’t have to post it with the same caption. You might want to! If the post is still adding value- got for it!
6- guest takeovers

7- schedule in advance (my FAVORITE!)

8- UGC or reposting
With permission, of course, check out if there is content which you could repost from another account. Also, check the posts that you have been tagged in, are they on brand or appropriate? Repost these too- they’re great for authenticity.

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