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I offer a range of services to cater to every brand’s needs, from consulting to full management of social channels. Some brands use me as a boost of fresh content to supplement their content while others find my management option more cost effective than having in-house support, whatever your current situation there are so many creative opportunities online and I’d love to help yours grow!


Creative visual content is essential to building a personality and bond with your audience, encouraging engagement, and communicating your brand’s values — setting you apart from your competitors.
It’s important to design your visual content in-line with your brands’ goals, existing branding and marketing image. Stunning creative content designed with a strategy ensures that your social feed is appealing and speaks to your target audience. Better still, it inspires or sparks interest, communicates that your brand is relatable, sharing in their interests or values and is a brand that they can believe in and trust.


Creating a targeted social media strategy will help focus your content to connect with existing and new customers and avoid merely adding to the noise and fading into the background. Creating content that truly speaks to your target audience is only possible with a clear understanding of who you are talking to. What are their interests and passions and just as importantly, what isn’t. Once this has been analysed, a social strategy which also aligns with your brand’s values and mission statement can be crafted.
As your interactions and social relationships grow, new pathways can be explored, ensuring your social presence stays true to the brand’s image, continues to inspire and reflect in your audiences’ passions, and keeps up to date within your niche. Through the use of hashtags, social media enables you to search out potential customers, looking for information related to your product, even if they aren’t yet aware of your brand.


Your audience doesn’t want to be pitched to, they want authentic engagement. When you see your channels as a way to connect with customers, it can transform your brand. Authentic engagement can simply mean helping customers by answering their questions, entertaining or inspiring them and informing them with relevant content; better still, forming bonds over shared interests. As a channel grows, management may include responding to followers’ questions, sentiments and requests, creating stories, encouraging interactions and crafting a brand personality. Management includes selecting successful hashtags, ensuring that your content has more reach and remains relevant and in touch with its audience. Fostering a successful social channel requires analysis and updating your strategy in response, to ensure that your social presence grows as your audience expands into new pathways or niches.

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