Busy or Productive?

Be HONEST with yourself… Have you been busy this week or productive?

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In a society where it has become acceptable to BRAG about how busy we are how hard we’re working, it’s easy to miss the point! I’ve found myself guilty of this over the years. BUSY learning, BUSY working, BUSY planning, BUSY scrolling! When I look back, so much of that BUSY time wasn’t actually serving me! It wasn’t helping me to progress, wasn’t actually achieving anything, and certainly wasn’t the best use of my time for either myself or my family.


Bullet journalling and using various productivity apps and lists help to keep me focused and working towards small and specific goals, which will either benefit me, my family or my business. I have a goals book with prompts to set yourself focused tasks and outcomes for the week, beautiful notepads, Asana and Wunderlist


I’m most productive when I set myself deadlines. So to do lists, with hourly deadlines really help me to power through my mornings and prevent that 2/3pm slump. Around 2/3pm, I grab a coffee, cross off my tasks and check that what I’ve got left for the day is achievable. What wasn’t finished, goes on to tomorrows to-do list.


I love to have a monthly plan too to keep things moving forward. Nothing too severe,but a clear goal or running theme for the month.


💡How are you using your time?


💡Do you reflect and plan ahead for the next week?


💡Do you use tools to help you to get the maximum out of your time, improving productivity and freeing you from the need to be SUPER busy!!!


💡Are there things in your week which are distacting you from being your most productive? Can any of these be outsourced?


🧡Email me to see how I can help free up some of your time





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