My top 3 tips for organic Instagram growth

Overnight Instagram success CAN be achieved…with purchased followers, fake accounts, bad bots and likeforlike or followforfollow begging. Many of these well-used tactics will quickly gain you a massive social following.

it's a slow process but quitting won't speed up

BUT, Remember why you’re on Instagram.

Tip 1:
Why you want to grow your follower count. Do you need thousands of followers instantly? Has anybody told you that thousands of followers = sales? That’s because it’s not the number that counts, but the community. Quality over quantity.

Crafted relationships with a carefully grown community of followers will develop brand awareness, trust and loyalty. Looking for a short cut is tempting. Buying followers is quitting! You’ve given up on growing a genuine audience, thrown in the towel and looked for the instant, easy option. Unfortunately, your brand won’t see much reward from this “growth”.

Tip 2:
It’s tempting to feel the need to post daily. It’s encouraged on many blogs, pins and articles for helping brands grow online. Yes, consistency is vital, and posting content regularly is essential, but it doesn’t have to be EVERY day. Creating original content, photography, graphics, hashtag research and captions daily, is a huge commitment. Over time, trying to keep up with a daily commitment might mean than quality suffers. As a result, your engagement will take a hit too.

Pick a schedule which is achievable, while maintaining quality, original and creative content. Posting high-quality content several times a week, as opposed to mediocre content daily, will see your engagement blossom.

Tip 3:
So you’ve got a great logo, implemented it across your products/services and your website. Your feed and stories now need to match. There’s nothing worse than seeing something you like on Instagram, clicking through to their website and being confused with a disjointed brand.

Think about the colour scheme, the mood of photography and fonts. If you’ve got amazing dark and sexy photography on your Instagram feed, then your website uses light, washed out photography, your viewer is going to be confused. Try to use the same fonts in your graphics and stories, that are used on your website. Finally, where possible, try to incorporate your brands colour scheme. This can be in the subtle details. These three cornerstone features, over time, will help your audience to spot your content from their feed and know that it’s your content before even reading your name. It will grow a much stronger brand image and help you to keep a consistent aesthetic.

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