Should you ever post across multiple accounts?

Back in January, Social Media Today Influencer and digital marketing advisor Dhariana Lozano posted this image to her Twitter feed. As you’ll probably have seen, this feature did indeed roll out. It is a familiar sight to anybody who has posted to Instagram this year.

The questions is, when is it appropriate to post the same content to several accounts? Is there a genuine need to blanket post content to several accounts? The original blog which featured this development leak stated that this feature will be welcomed by social media managers who are working to maintain several accounts. It fortunately then went on to question its usefulness.

“but then again, it kind of goes against the original content ethos that Instagram was founded upon. While it may make things easier, and it may add more content to Instagram’s ecosystem, it will be repeated content, duplicated across multiple accounts.”

Is repeating content to several accounts and therefore several audiences, a good experience for the audience of the profiles you manage? Is it adding value to each accounts audience? Ultimately, if it isn’t, its going to lack engagement, and simply be adding noise. I suppose it comes down to whether or not the brands share the same niche. If there is significant crossover potential between the different groups who follow each respective entity, then potentially the content would add value. Often social media managers drill down and focus their passion to working with clients within the same niche, so I can see opportunities, where this might be tempting. What concerns me here though, is does this strengthen or weaken each brand?

If a larger brand hosts several sub brand accounts though, it could be a great shortcut for promoting major sales events across each account. Many larger brands hold multiple accounts to segregate audiences by product or location. Less brand specific content could be shared for example, for raising awareness of an issue, cause or promotion across multiple profiles.

There could upon reflection be ways to utilize the functionality well, but it does seem like the most common usage will be to cut down time spent in posting, which will result in a lot of the same content being shared out from multiple accounts.

Will you be using this in your social media process?

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