What Makes up a Solid Social Media Strategy?

Knowing if you’re running in the right direction can be overwhelming! 

Follow these 4 corners of a great social media strategy for business⁠:

Social media strategy 4 corners

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1️⃣ Define Your Goals⁠
What are you actually using social media for? Are you planning your content and captions for brand awareness, increasing your reach, reputation, community or as a sales platform?

2️⃣Define Your Target Audience⁠
Whether you’re using hashtags, tags, geotags or ads, you need to have a crystal clear idea of who you are talking to, to ensure that your content is relevant, and will resonate with this target audience, whether that be for inspiration, entertainment or education.

3️⃣ Choose the Social Media Platform⁠
I must have this conversation almost weekly! You don’t need to be on all platforms! I’ll say that again…DONT TRY TO DO IT ALL!!! Remember quality over quantity… pick one or two platforms which will be best for your business/industry/audience. It makes sense for those who are highly visual, to be on Instagram, and those with lots to discuss to be on twitter, but that’s a faaaaar oversimplified was of choosing the right platforms for you. Choose the platforms which come more naturally to you, you understand the most, or you know that you can maintain. I rarely use my twitter account, simply because it’s far easier for me to maintain an Instagram account, and occasionally update my facebook and LinkedIn accounts. I’m awful for maintaining more than one platform for myself, and you don’t need to. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you need to do it all because “everybody else is”. I’ve chosen to have all of the major social media channels, just o that I have ownership of the handles, but I make a point on twitter for example, by using a pinned tweet, to direct people to my Instagram account, as I rarely use Twitter. That way, I’m making clear that the quality content is over here!

4️⃣Audit Your Performance⁠
Put simply- as this is a whole post by itself!
Look back over the last dozen posts.
Pick out your 3 best and worst-performing (however you measure that)posts. What worked, what didn’t? Is it clear why? What type of content is working? What is creating a conversation? Stories vs posts?
Reassess you hashtags – check out how many people found your post through hashtags through post insights.
Which posts led traffic to your profile? Did your posts get saved?
Did geotagging help?
There are so many metrics you can measure here…but try to keep it simple. Make small tweaks in your strategy, and see how the next dozen posts go. There is no one answer I’m afraid…what works for you, won’t work for another, its all depends on your brand and your audience!

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