Why I journal with social media

I have never been able to keep a journal, even as a child. With the best of intentions, I lose the motivation to consistently put my reflections on the day on to paper. 

(I am, however, a huge fan of bullet journaling, which though my love for lists and stationary, provokes a little daily/weekly reflection.)

My journalling takes the form of photography, huge scrolling albums. I religiously capture the events and emotions of my days, trying to time capsule the ridiculous pace that my toddler is growing up, and on occasion feel the urge to share these with the rest of the world.

For many people, social media has become their daily journal. We share our thoughts and feelings, highs and sometimes even lows. We let people into our families share moments with our friends, and “talk” to an audience, whoever is listening. 

We have become a custom to keeping up to date with the hectic lives of friends and family that we don’t often see, through the magic of easily shared photographs. We can reach out to strangers, form international friendships and create online communities in a way never before possible.

Inspiration & Nostalgia
One of the main reasons I love Instagram is because it provides a platform record and shares my life through images in a way that no other platform does. Some people prefer to keep their account private and have little to no interest in growing a large following, and that’s great. I’ve kept an account private for this reason, to curate private memories for a small group of family and friends. Using Instagram as a journaling tool means that the focus is on capturing your life the way you want to remember it, not for anyone else, not following trends and copying the masses. 

That being said, exploring the app and seeing what other people are doing is an excellent way of looking for inspiration, no matter what time of day it is. Holding several accounts, separated by niche or purpose, allows for a broader range of discovery when you scroll through the explore tab. I’d love to know why the algorithm insists on showing me videos of woodwork and lathes on all but one of my accounts though!

One of my favourite parts to journalling with Instagram is scrolling back (way back), for instant feel good nostalgia. Pair this with an old playlist and bottle of wine, and it’s an immediate mood boost (and all free minus the wine!).

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