Why I’m now a social media expert

I guess as a first blog post and an introduction to why I’m a social media expert, I should share a little about where I’ve come from, who I am today and where I’m going.

Writing about myself doesn’t come very naturally. I think that many of us are far better at describing and complimenting others, than ourselves.  I’m far more comfortable writing or chatting to others about how wonderful they are. I’m passionate about providing ideas and feedback for growth and coming up with creative solutions and action plans. But, so that you can get an idea of who I am, I’m going to anyway. As you might imagine, as my journal develops, you’ll be hearing much more about the daily habits, tips and thoughts of the life of a social media expert.


My background

I’ve been around the world of design for over a decade as my other half is living his dream of running a design studio – Fifty3 design. My creative side lived vicariously through him, getting excited about shiny new design books, foil printing bits and bobs and asking endless “but why” questions. But, I’ve been a physics teacher for over half a decade. I was hugely passionate about my teaching career, and still think that working with young people is a massively rewarding job. I’ve been pulled from the frustrations of teaching to clawing my way into my husband’s work, slowly dropping the working days.

I was obsessive about the formatting of my PowerPoints, worksheets and reports and wouldn’t settle for ugly images or poor photographs. Please don’t get me started on clip art and comic sans – education is rife with it! Not having the time to produce visual content and well formatted resources was a bugbear of mine. So as a result I would obsess and work late in to the night to create content which I felt communicated better and was more aesthetically appealing. I began to coordinate the PR for my school, and quickly discovered the uphill challenges of working with poor photography and the impact that had on the media coverage of amazing stories. Poor lighting, bad angles and unplanned backgrounds made it almost impossible to share otherwise inspiring content with local press and social media platforms. 

So it began!

Around the same time I migrated my attention away from Facebook, and on to Pinterest and Instagram. I was drawn to more visual content, and loved to study design and graphic communication through social media. Through the holidays I obsessed with design, photography and social media.

I started to do the junior work for Fifty3 design, freelanced and learnt new skills as I went along. I loved adapting my teaching experience and attention to detail into layout and formatting, image hunting, and crossing over my Microsoft Office expertise (which designers gladly delegate) into corporate applications. 

The beauty of all of this was as long as I had my phone on me, I could geek up where ever I was, even if it was for just a couple of minutes at a time.   


What I’m doing now

I’m now 30 years old, adulting where possible, a wife and most importantly, mummy to a quickly growing up 1-year-old. As I’m writing this, I’m days away from leaving employment. I’m about to plunge myself into the world of entrepreneur life full time. I aim to build myself a business and work-life balance around my family life as a social media expert and content creator. 

I’m currently managing a handful of social media accounts across 3 channels, growing a portfolio of creative content weekly and I love it. I’m still collecting stunning stationary.  I’ve now expanded my collection of beautiful things to include photography equipment, props and accessories. The hours won’t be shorter, the long paid holidays none existent, but the rewards and fulfilment will be all mine. We’re in the process of converting a VW Transporter into a camper van, so I’m looking forward to taking my work, lifestyle, family and business on the road! I’ll be documenting/journalling our travels on social media of course!


What’s next

I’m passionate in helping brands grow a connected audience – not merely multiplying their follower count and other vanity metrics – nurturing a community of followers who are engaged and invested in the brand, its message, ethos, lifestyle etc. I’m all about organic social media growth. Seeing a brand build a community within its niche, and make organic connections, gives me great joy. 

Pop over to see what makes me tick and read more about the daily goings on of a social media manager and content creator on my Instagram. 

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